Resource management

The platform helps your organization on sustainable resource management, with academic knowledge. This means letting go of proven positions and interests, and having the and willingness to really contribute.


What is sustainable resource management?

Sustainable resource management is the management of the raw materials in the chain so that the added value of the chain of the market, as requested by the market, is also delivered in the short and long term, without compromising the ability of now and future generations to meet their own needs.

But does this actually mean for a company?

Resource management is, amongst others, recovering raw materials or choosing other raw materials that are less critical for the organisations operations. Some examples are:
◾Smarter collection of more residual materials
◾Intelligent sorting techniques
◾More effective recycling techniques: no downcycling
◾Design for recycling or remanufacturing
◾Replacement of critical materials by other materials (substitution)
◾Reduce critical materials from a completely different product design.
◾New business models
◾Sharing economy
◾Refurbishment and remanufacturing

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